Keep that goal alive and don’t let 2021 steal your dream

It is with more than a little fear that I admit my goals for 2021 are not quite achieving my expectations. Seriously, we are only two months in and I already know this. How do I admit that to myself, let alone to all the people that have supported my journey through 2020 that things are tough?

There is some belief that I am the one that got away to make a difference. I am the one that followed their dream, shot for the stars, and actually did make it happen. And possibly in some way I did. But not…

What will your life look like post-Covid, in five to ten years time? As children we have the ability to dream as big as we want but, as we get older, we seem to lose this belief.

Find what you love and let it kill you”.

Setting the bar in 2020 — with all that a year of Covid provided — and encouraging all to change their lives and follow their beliefs, was more than a little interesting.

I have discovered that life’s physical possessions do not provide happiness. If only I could have known this when I was younger; I would have radically altered my decisions, making wiser investments in myself. What society sells as success is deplorable. Growing, learning and being mindful to others is ultimately what makes you come alive. It hasn’t been easy…

This is a story of discovery in a foreign land which has become home

Our nomadic existence to becoming liveaboards - sailing on the Mediterranean begins with Barcelona. What a city of multiple facets. She is steeped in history, boasts the most amazing architecture but is so limited in many aspects of beauty — compared to what we are used to from back home.

I keep reminding myself that Cape Town — a truly tiny city, is not reflective of the country South Africa as a whole but merely a minuscule part — an oasis in the desert if you think about it. …

As life passes by. If you are reading this then you are still on our journey. Things have been happening in your lives, things we might or might not be aware of but I bet it has been a strange and difficult year and I hope that if I can continue to share our story, it might provide a small distraction in this year known as “the nightmare that is 2020”.

You have faithfully been following our adventures (not sure why, but I hope it’s been worth it ;-) for six months now while we live onboard as nomads. At…

Keeping the dream alive

That’s what counts and even when reality smacks you in the face, you have to keep on keeping on. The past ten months have been more than a little exciting and while necessary safety checkpoints are a must, sometimes you just need to do what the South Africans do and “fok maar voort” — loosely translated as forge ahead. It is only when things have settled down and you stop operating on instinct that you can take a moment to breathe and allow yourself some emotional reflection.

Life on board GypsyDjango has in a way been a wonderful holiday —…


I'm Jaci a Digital|Travel Nomad. I quit my corporate job to follow my dream of being a liveaboard sailing the Mediterranean and sharing experiences and advice

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